Mysterista Summer Reading Bonanza Poll: How Do You Find New-To-You Books?

Choose one of the following that best represents the way you find new-to-you books.

Leave a comment below to let us know you took the poll (“I took the poll!” is enough), and you’ll be entered into our Summer Reading Bonanza contest!

If there are multiple ways you find new reads, or if you selected “Other,” please feel free to tell us more in the comments.

Thanks for playing!



35 thoughts on “Mysterista Summer Reading Bonanza Poll: How Do You Find New-To-You Books?”

  1. I went with “other” because I do rely on the “also bought” recommendations on Amazon. I’ll go to an author page for an author I love, and check out the “similar” authors they have listed there.


  2. I took the poll. I learn about a lot of new authors by attending book signings and talking to other readers that attend.


  3. Yes, “also bought” is a great tool. I was surprised blogs is heading up the list so far. I also do them from word of mouth. I should have clicked Other, I suppose.


  4. I checked word of mouth although I also read reviews in magazines. I’m pleasantly surprised to find blogs at the top of the list. Now I’ll have to check those out as well! Thanks for this poll!


  5. Love the results. I am surprised that blogs are so high on the list! I opted for word of mouth meaning not so much verbal as the e-mail lists that we all participate in. Although, now that I think about it – – I do read lot of that books that are reviewed in blogs!


  6. I had to really stop and think here, and my answer is conferences. I love shopping by seeing the books and being able to pick them up and check them out, and so many bookstores have severely edited down their mystery sections. At conferences I sometimes here an author on a panel and like what they say, or I just happen to notice a book on the book tables. Lots of other great options, but that one leads the pack for me.


  7. This is really interesting! I chose “other” because I often find new reads when I’m actively looking for something else (yes, that “People also bought” feature has prompted more than a few additional purchases for me). Conferences too (especially love getting a list at the “new author breakfasts” or “go round” type things) and social media, though I don’t usually take action the first time I see things mentioned there.


  8. Took the poll, although I find new books in lots of places on the list. My favorite is local book signings, however. I have found many unexpected favorites when I meet the authors at book signings. AND once I found a book that I would never have read without meeting the author, I look for other books by that author.


  9. The best place I ever discovered a new author (to me) was in the seat back on an airplane. That’s how I found Elsbeth Huxley. She wrote the Flame Trees of Thika and a bunch of other books about her family’s time in Africa. I was transported. This was before the Haley Mills TV movie and even before Out of Africa. Although I confess, my search for other writers from her place and time brought me to Beryl Markham. Women aviators know who she was!


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