Mysteristas Summer Reading Bonanza Discussion: What We Did This Weekend

MARY SUTTON: Of course, this was the big holiday weekend in the US. I started my weekend last Thursday by taking an extra day off from the day-job (we got Friday as our holiday). I spent some time reading, of course. Having just finished Hallie Ephron’s Night, Night, Sleep Tight (five stars), I’m doing a little palate cleansing with Lord of the Rings. Then I weeded the vegetable garden. Also tried to take my girl shopping (malls are nightmares, honestly). Made barbecue ribs for the cookout and spent yesterday hanging at the neighbors’ house, watching the young folks dance, talking, eating, and playing cards. Saw fireworks. Today was a special breakfast with Rum-soaked Nutella French Toast (recipe courtesy of Alafair Burke from the MWA Cookbook). Later there will be laundry. Oh, and I did some editing on Hero’s Sword 7, too.

SUE STAR:  My holiday started on Thursday, too, when we drove up to the mountains for a wildflower hike and got stuck in nasty traffic. Since I have just finished one project, I am giving myself the weekend off. I am starting a new painting and taking a nice, long ride on my new electric bicycle!

SARAH HENNING: I feel like I spent my entire weekend chasing around the baby, who is in perpetual motion–pulling up, standing, crawling, climbing stairs, etc. But, in truth, I was able to squeeze in some writing, revision, gardening, running, weights, yoga, cooking, and dinner and drinks with friends. I need a day to recover!

THERESA CRATER: I judged for a writing contest and then graded long, long stories. Since I’ve started teaching online, weekends have become somewhat theoretical. Currently reading Merlin’s Daughter. Last night we went over to Boulder to visit friends and meet new ones in the greatest condo I’ve seen in a while. The renovated bathrooms are called respectively the Gay Bathhouse and the Japanese Steam Room, complete with recessed lighting in the tubs and showers, a simulated stone pathway to the tub in one, and beautiful tiles. One sink was glass with red Koi, the other with Art Deco naked ladies. Just gorgeous. Heard funny stories about Swami BeyondAnanda. The fireworks were somewhere behind the clouds.

PAMELA OBERG: How fun! Munchkin and I had our first beach day of the summer season, which was lovely. Planted another group of hand-me-down lilacs with hubby’s help. Worked on reading the anthology for Nancy Pickard’s Facebook class. Both the reading and the class have been wonderful! At the end of this lovely three-day weekend, munchkin is off with a friend and hubby is puttering, I’m writing a book review for Lucy Burdette’s Fatal Reservations (available July 7!) and working on my WIP. I agree with Sarah–can we have a day 4 to recover?!? (The class is Short Story Sessions and the text Manhattan Mayhem.)

CYNTHIA KUHN: Met some friends in the morning for the local Fourth of July parade, which is a beloved annual tradition. Attended the Colorado Rapids soccer game and watched spectacular fireworks from the field. Wrote all day on Sunday while trying to convince myself that I will eventually finish this project!!

DIANE VALLERE: I got all dolled up in my July 4th finery and then spent most of the day at home! (There was a trip to Trader Joe’s because I had to be seen in public in my outfit!). Sunday I did something I’ve been meaning to do for a long time. I listed my Batman Action Figure collection on eBay (Psssst: Batman Fans: click here). Yep, I’ve had 25 little plastic crime fighters and villains hanging around for over twenty years. Why is it so tough to let go of things we’ve hung on to for so long???

KAIT CARSON: I had a great weekend. OK, so I did a bit of work for the day job, but hey, that counts too. Today was the best. I’ve been spending time in our pool off and on, but today, husband surprised me by having all my dive equipment out on the pool deck. We suited up and dove in the pool. We both bought new equipment last year at the end of SCUBA season (OK, I live in FL but for us natives, SCUBA season ends when the water temp gets below 85!) and I needed to get comfortable before we take it on a dive trip. So, down we dove to the amazing depth of 10 feet! It was good to breathe through the regulator again. Then he lit up the barbecue and cooked me dinner. Now really, does it get any better? Well, it did. While he was cooking diner he brought me my Kindle and a glass of wine poolside. Now there’s a man who knows how to make me happy!

Now we want to hear from you. What did you do this holiday weekend? Watch fireworks? Parade? Or business as usual? Leave a comment and be entered into our week 2 drawing for the Mysteristas Summer Reading Bonanza!


18 thoughts on “Mysteristas Summer Reading Bonanza Discussion: What We Did This Weekend”

  1. I worked (editing a book) but not as much as I’d planned to. I went out to dinner with a friend, went to a cookout on the fourth, finished reading a great book (The Life We Bury by Allen Eskens), wrote and sent out my SinC chapter’s August meeting invitation, copy edited a short story, caught up on a TV show I taped, watched part of Jurassic Park again … Wow. It looks like I did more than I thought I had. That makes me feel better.


  2. I’m an elementary school librarian, so I’m out for the summer. (Now that I’ve finished off all the professional development stuff). I started the holiday by taking an early morning walk around the neighborhood. I got lots of great photos of wild flowers still wet with the morning dew and I ran into three deer having breakfast. The one guarding the road, let me get really close and didn’t seem to mind the click of my camera. The 4th ended with a pig roast at the VFW my husband and I belong to – and of course I did some reading. I’m reading Final Sentence by Daryl Wood Gerber.


  3. Barb, I often feel the same way. “I didn’t do anything this weekend.” Then you start listing it and it turns out that you did quite a lot?

    Okay, an electric bicycle? I’m intrigued. Do tell – what’s that about Sue?


  4. Wow sounds like everyone was fun busy over the 4th. That’s great. Bev, what a way to start the day. Deer can be so skitty, but they are so beautiful. Glad that you managed to get some pix. Barb, sounds like you did tons of work. Good for you. If you didn’t feel like you were working, then it was really fun in disguise! Judy, good for you! I’m hoping our next move will be a downsize one, but my hubby can’t seem to let go of anything. So if the house gets smaller, I’m sure a storage facility is in our future.


  5. We live on top of a hill, Mary, and now I can get home with my electric bicycle! Pressing down on the pedal gives it the extra oomph that I need to get up the hill. Such fun!


  6. Sounds like everyone was busy! I took the day off Saturday from writing and watched “The Lost World: Jurassic Park II”, read a bit of “A Tale of Two Biddies” by Kylie Logan and “Epitaph: A Novel of the O.K. Corral” by Mary Doria Russell. Sunday it was back to working on the final revisions to “Paint the Town Dead”. We also walked down to the pier. Even though it was windy and a bit gloomy, still a fair number of people on the beach.


  7. Busy peeps here! I agree with what Kait said about you, Barb: if it didn’t feel like work, then that’s a good sign! I did some updating on my website, little tweaks here and there, and ran the vacuum too. That sounds like a little thing, but in terms of my housekeeping skills, it’s a BIG DEAL. 🙂


  8. Theresa Crater, do you live in Colorado? We lived close to Boulder, CO until we moved to Las Vegas about a year ago.

    This weekend we watched tv, spent time in the pool, watched fireworks all around us from the hot tub (most of them illegal in streets immediately behind and in front of us), went out to eat and enjoy happy hour with friends, and just relaxed. 😎


  9. Pam – I don’t know about Theresa, but I live in Colorado Springs. We are transplanted Texans. The Army dropped us here in 2006 and when my husband retired we decided to stay. Miss Texas, but love Colorado.


  10. Oh, sounds like you all had a wonderful weekend.

    Bev, love the description of deers eating breakfast!

    Sybil, how nice that you can walk down to the pier…I’m kind of jealous. In a good way.


  11. It was a fairly quiet weekend. Saturday I went to a church picnic and played bingo. I won a beautiful purple quilt. It’s handmade. Also won some baskets of odds and ends and a pumpkin cake. Didn’t think much of the cake – but it was different. Sunday I worked in the yard – it’s supposed to rain off and on all week so I thought I better get the yard ready for the week. Did laundry – just usual household stuff. Than I got in the pool and spent some time relaxing. Read a good book last night.
    those are the kinds of weekends I like. Glad y’all had good weekends. Hope the week itself is good to you.
    take care


  12. Mary, you seem to be experiencing a nice streak of luck! First, the Mysterista Summer Reading Bonanza (your package went out today), then the baskets, quilt, and pumpkin cake. You should go buy a lottery ticket while you’re hot!


  13. Just spring from my day job and checking in. Looks like everyone had a great weekend! I love reading what everyone did. Diane, about your running the vacuum, I think you deserve extra kudos for that. Definitely a glass of wine. Mary, you are definitely on a roll. Lotto sounds like a great idea!


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