Mysterista Summer Reading Bonanza: What is Your Favorite Summer Read?

MARY LEDERMAN SUTTON: I gravitate toward especially “fun” reads in the summer. Something I can take to the pool or on vacation, and I don’t have to invest too much brain power. Genre is not as important as overall tone.

MYSTERISTA WISDOM: Did you know you can put your e-reader in a plastic zip-lock bag to keep it from getting dirty or wet while you’re reading poolside? (bathtub/beach too).

THERESA CRATER: I read all over the place in the summer. Right now, I’m reading a novel from one of the Mysterista interviews, and I just finished another one mentioned in one of our interviews. Next up will be Yellow Crocus, a novel that’s similar to my wip. After that, The Water Knife by the incomparable Colorado sci fi writer Paolo Bacigalupi. Then onto Steve Berry’s last two–maybe, if something else doesn’t flip my switch before I get there.

MYSTERISTA WISDOM: How fabulous that you found new reads right here on our own blog!

CYNTHIA KUHN: Still read a variety of things (heavy on the mystery, of course). But in summertime I seek out portable paperbacks because I do more reading on the go. Mass-market paperback size is perfect, though those seem more rare these days. Actually, I wish there were more of those available all the time because they are so much easier to hold. #carpaltunnel #writerwrists

MYSTERISTA WISDOM: try sending your vacation reads to your hotel ahead of time. Less to pack, and you can leave them at the vacation spot for the next person.

SARAH HENNING: Oh, I love to read all of a series over the course of a summer. I’ve done Jack Reacher, Game of Thrones, Lisbeth Salander and John Green. I want to reread all of the Harry Potter books in a single summer but it won’t be this one!

MYSTERISTA WISDOM: Lots of long running series have e-book collections that include multiple volumes. At least one of us binge-read Charlaine Harris’s Sookie Stackhouse books 1-8 as one digital library loan!

KAIT CARSON: My favorite summer book – I love light reading in the summer.  This year I decided to read the Dead End Job series by Elaine Viets. What better time than the summer to curl up at the pool with a humorous cozy!  I mean really, haven’t we all had killer jobs? I want to start at one and go through to number 14! I’ve also got some great reads stacked up on my TBR pile. I won (yes, won) Hallie Ephron’s Night Night, Sleep Tight. It’s a hardback so that will be my bedside read (or a rainy day curl up on the couch read). Can’t wait for the summer to begin!

MYSTERISTA WISDOM: Not sure what your next read should be? Browse the giveaway section of GoodReads and enter drawings for whatever looks good. We’ve all discovered new-to-us authors this way, and free books? What could be better!

DIANE VALLERE: There’s something about summer reading that makes me feel like a kid discovering Trixie Belden all over again. I like to switch up my summer reading with children’s mystery series, my favorites being Trixie, Connie Blair, and the Three Investigators, though, there are a few classic series that I’ve never read, and it might be time to sample something new!

MYSTERISTA WISDOM: When’s the last time you reread a childhood favorite? Try it. It’ll make you feel young!

SUE STAR:  I like to read big juicy can’t-put-’em-down books in the summer, usually set in exotic locations that hopefully I plan to visit on summer vacations.

MYSTERISTA WISDOM: Have you ever been intimidated by a book’s sheer volume? Summer’s the perfect time to sink your teeth into a tome!

PAMELA OBERG: Back to actual physical books for the summer! Great at the beach–no batteries, no glare. Love anthologies in the summer, in order to find new-to-me authors.

MYSTERISTA READERS: what is your favorite summer read? Do you turn to paperbacks, hardcovers, or e-books in hot summer months? Do you go straight to old favorites, or do you sample new voices? Leave a comment below and be entered in our weekly drawing!


36 thoughts on “Mysterista Summer Reading Bonanza: What is Your Favorite Summer Read?”

  1. I’m a new member of Sisters in Crime and Guppies, so my summer reading is based on reading work by other members. I’m currently reading “A Killing on Cotton Hill” by Terry Shames and it’s excellent.


  2. Now, I want to re-read Trixie Belden. Maybe I can get a cousin, whose books I borrowed, to book club with me. 😀

    Although in reality I have a TBR pile that’s a mix of light and dark to keep me busy.


  3. I tend to go with shorter, light reads in the summer. I will read meatier stories if it intrigues me. I have been wanting to re-read the Nancy Drew series after seeing a few articles about the origin of the books recently.


  4. I keep on reading the things I usually read. right Now I’m ready Delinsky’s new book, it’s kind of a chick flick
    I’ll be reading some mysteries, some cozies, and anything that catches my interest..


  5. I read mostly mysteries. Right now I’m reading the newest in the body farm series. Sometimes I try to read books that take place in the season I’m in, so after I finish this one, I’ll look in my stash for a summertime mystery.


  6. My summer reads aren’t much different than the rest of the year. I like cozies and read a fair amount of non-fiction. I’m currently making my way through the Aunt Dimity series.


  7. I read whatever catches my fancy at the time. Lots of times, I’ll re-read an Agatha Christie book, love Sue Grafton’s Kinsey Millhone and I love Agatha Raisin and Hamish MacBeth by M. C. Beaton. Thank you for the chance to win a tote of dreams:) I didn’t know about this site until I read Diane Vallere’s newsletter today! So, thank you, Diane!


  8. To me it doesn’t matter what the season, it is the perfect time to read anything and everything! I would rather read than do just about anything, and frequently cheat on sleep and housework to get more reading time. I like Mysteries-YA novels-some Sci-Fi-Chick lit, and anything to make me laugh! In the past week I have read Claire Chilton, Gina LaManna, Gemma Halliday, Diane Vallere, Leslie Langtry, Jane Tesh, Krista Davis, Angie Fox, and Maria Swan. I have so many books waiting to be read that I don’t think I will ever get through my list! I have to say I love them all and would be hard pressed to pick one or two favorites. Usually my favorite book is whatever I am reading at the time. And I ALWAYS start at the beginning of a series and read it in it’s entirety in order! Have to say I love them all!
    Thanks Diane for the newsletter today and telling us about what is happening!


  9. I’m an elementary school librarian, so my summer reading is a mixture of books I’m considering for the school collection and/or school book clubs and trying to catch up on all the mysteries I love.


  10. I am reading Nancy Drew, but it is research. I read whatever appeals to me. I am not having a vacation this year, so books like always will take me away. Read lots of mysteries and found a great copy of the Railway Children at Goodwill. Heading to the library book sale tomorrow and hopefully pick up some good books. Mostly I read in my room. I need a new reading chair. The kind where you can sit up properly or drape yourself across it anyway you want. I have a hard time with me in one place and my lovely books in another, so no rereads at this time. (except Nancy Drew, and it is really work. Don’t snort) I just go with the flow.


  11. I enjoy catching up on my favorite series over the summer! I really have more time to read in the fall/winter then I do in the summer! I love to try new authors and have just recently discovered a whole world of Indie authors! My to be read pile is overflowing but it has been well worth it!


  12. I love the chance to read all the books, I gather during the year. I love my cozy mysteries in paperback and am currently reading Laura Child’s books (beginning the tea shop mysteries again), but with a toddler find it easier to have some as books. I call this time of the year my fun reading as I am buried under academic books for the rest of the year.


  13. I am re-reading and waiting for the new installment in the mail of Lucy Burdette’s Key West series. Perfect reading for summer.


  14. Wow what a great group of replies. My TBR list is growing and growing. Raise your hand, who wants to run away to a secret beach house hideout and spend a week just reading!


  15. Mystery and suspense are my go to books. Mostly read ebooks because of arthritis and carpal tunnel. I love reading and ereaders have been wonderful!


  16. i love to read Winter stories (Alaska, Antarctica etc) or mysteries that take place in cold climes in the hot summer. LOVE Trixie Beldon and Robin Kane and Nancy Drew, and there is another older girl detective book series, that i can’t remember her name right now.


  17. I don’t think WHAT I read changes with the seasons – I always read quite a mix of genres at any given time. Right now I am finishing up an historical cozy – Dead for a Spell by Raymond Buckland


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