Mistakes…yes, I’ve made a few

These days, I feel like time management is both my biggest strength and my most hideous weakness.

I’m both horrible at saying no and completely overbooked, so my list of to-dos and wants and needs seems to rise out of my Google calendar like a Jenga tower on its last legs.

The pieces: cute baby, energetic six-year-old, very helpful hubby, full-time job, freelance work (writing and editing), demanding level of fitness (running is very important to my sanity), the need to be a good friend/family member/citizen, and, oh yeah, that activity of my heart: writing.

One wrong move and it will all come crashing down.

But, as I say, I know how to handle this.

My normal workday is a measure in precision and exhaustion:

I get up at 4:15 in the morning to get in my cardio; spend that time typing up scenes on my phone (I’ve written 60K of this WIP on my phone first before entering it in the document); get ready; take the baby to daycare and make my hour-long commute; work eight hours and maybe do some writing or editing at lunch; come home and either entertain the kids while the hubby makes dinner or vice versa; nurse the baby to sleep; read Harry Potter with the big kid before bed; try to have an adult conversation of my than five words with my husband; pass out at 9 o’clock.

It all works.

Except when it doesn’t.

Sometimes, there are weekends like this one. Where I seem to make mistakes…or at least questionable judgement calls when it comes to my very little amount of free time.

What I should’ve spent the weekend doing: Adding to my main WIP Word doc the 12,000 words I have in the notes function of my phone that have yet to have been transferred. Yes, I know I could just cut and paste out of my Notes app, but I like to revise as I go. Saves me time later. Really.

What I did instead: Ran with friends; took the kids to the farmers’ market; did yoga; lifted weights; went on a walks with the family; worked in the garden; fell up the stairs and possibly broke my toe (it’s seriously purple today); surprised my hubby with Father’s Day tickets to a baseball game that meant I’d have to put the kids to bed solo for a night.

I did a single paragraph’s worth of work the whole weekend. I also neglected to write this blog until Monday morning.

Are those mistakes? Yes. Were they worth it? Yes.

It’s mistakes like these that make me realize I can’t do everything all the time. It’s completely impossible. I want to do too much and won’t take laziness for an answer. Though, I do realize that sometimes this means I drop the ball on other things. I don’t comment on all I should (sorry, ladies), I don’t remember everyone’s birthdays (even if Facebook tells me), and I don’t read as many CP and beta manuscripts as I used to (because I often don’t have time).

Here’s hoping we all make the same sorts of mistakes and remember to live.


8 thoughts on “Mistakes…yes, I’ve made a few”

  1. Wow, you must have thumbs of lightning, to type on a phone on a treadmill (elliptical, bicycle)! I’m in awe. I read on the elliptical machine (love that aspect), but don’t have the dexterity to type. What a great time saver!


  2. Sarah, I can relate. Things I should have done this weekend did not match up with things I did do this weekend. However, the things I did do included a nap on both Saturday and Sunday, and I feel so much better today. So maybe I did exactly what I needed to do.

    Hope the toe is just purple and not broken.


  3. OMG! You’re busier than I am, and I am constantly running out of the brain power and time to write, which is really irritating. I’m working full time, plus doing some free lance projects so I can fluff up the retirement account and make house updates that we need. Yesterday after serving the hub blueberry and raspberry pancakes, I crashed for three hours from the carb overload and didn’t get much done. So, today I must write, must grade, must catch up with this and thats, must go grocery shopping, must go to the gym for water walking, must answer work emails. That’s not all, but it’s what’s on top. And you’re busier than me and you write on the treadmill? Holy cow, girlfriend. You win the prize.


  4. I also completely forgot to do tags for this column and realized that it’s the 22nd and my mother’s birthday is on the 24th and I have yet to send the card (which I did buy on Saturday!). Yep, I am both great at overdoing it and awful at remembering the little things. Even the most little things. Ha.

    I suppose I should say that the point of the column was really just about how though sometimes I feel like I “live” my schedule, it’s important to actually live my life every once in awhile. It’s not all about work!

    P.S.: I actually write on a stationary bike most of the time, but sometimes the elliptical. Then, I plot when I actually run, which is usually on the weekends and sometimes on weeknights (when I do two-a-days…because clearly I have the time…but I do them anyway. Ha.)


  5. OMG – THANK YOU! Have you got any idea how reassuring it is to know I am not alone! I’m up at 5 to take care of cats, at work at 6, lately working a 12 hour day, then trying to find time to run (yes, major sanity need), tend to dinner and hubby, write for at least two hours, and do social media…oy, you are singing my song, sister. I have just given myself permission to take Sunday off from everything except what I want to do. Do you take a day too?


  6. Thank you for this, Sarah! Really spoke to me because I was walking around doing three things at once yesterday and stressing out about how I wasn’t doing enough to get through my to-do list and how I’d never finish my to-do list and it hit me that I actually will NEVER finish my to-do list because there will always be more to do. And that was, like, a realization I’d never had before. It instantly made me feel better somehow. So: we do the best we can and that’s all we can do and IT IS ENOUGH.

    But back to you: I am amazed at all of the things you accomplish. Baby days are lovely and delightful but SUCH hard work–and you are rocking it. Hooray for you!


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