Want a free copy of DEAD RINGER? We’ve got one!

When I took my maternity leave from Mysteristas this fall, a great mystery writer out of Canada with the same first name came to my rescue: Sarah Fox.

Last Tuesday, Sarah’s first book, DEAD RINGER (Harper/Witness Impulse), was released into the world. It’s a fun cozy mystery set in the world of a professional orchestra. The blurb:

Midori Bishop’s life is hitting all the right notes. She has her dream job playing violin in the Point Grey Philharmonic Orchestra, and is embarking on a new relationship with the symphony’s hot maestro. But when Midori finds a cellist strangled to death during a rehearsal, the maestro soon becomes the number-one suspect and Midori his only supporter.

Midori sets out to prove the maestro’s innocence, but soon discovers that he and many others have secrets they would rather keep hidden. For someone who was only a ringer—a temporary member of the orchestra—the dead cellist had certainly made a lot of enemies. And as the investigation takes Midori closer to the truth, the killer gears up for a grand finale—with Midori as the intended victim.

I was lucky enough to be one of Sarah’s critique partners for DEAD RINGER and I loved Midori and the set up from the first page. If you love cozy mysteries, this one is right up your alley!

And because Sarah is awesome and loves Mysteristas, I’ve been given the go-ahead to give one lucky reader a free e-copy of DEAD RINGER.

So, let’s play a game? If you were going to kill of a character with a musical instrument, how would you do it?


9 thoughts on “Want a free copy of DEAD RINGER? We’ve got one!”

  1. Cute – hum, I’d harp them to death! Seriously, though, I would not kill them with the instrument, but would have a serious bonging on the timpani provide cover for a well placed shot from a flip barrel derringer.


  2. Strangled with violin bow string was my first thought, but maybe that’s what happens in this book. Clonked on the head with piano bench is pretty rough.


  3. So, I talked with Sarah and she loved all of the answers! But having picked just one, she thought it should be Sue’s clarinet blow dart! Ha. Sue, I’ll email you with the download info:)


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