Stupid Things I Need To Stop Doing

  • Reaching for clothes in the closet right after applying lotion so that all items on the way to desired ones receive smears.
  • Using the car to dry my hair via a complex system of window raising and lowering to control wind gust angles.
  • Thinking I’ll be able to catch up on my writing/editing/grading “over the weekend.”
  • Going grocery shopping without a list, somehow expecting to magically end up with all ingredients required for a week’s worth of meals.
  • Changing my mind twelve times before doing what I was going to do in the first place.
  • Hanging on to those paisley walking shorts from high school, to be ready when they “come back in style.”
  • Believing it possible to buy just one book per purchase.

Do you have any such dreams for change, dear readers?


6 thoughts on “Stupid Things I Need To Stop Doing”

  1. Oh my – I’m howling, Cynthia. Especially at the hair drying. And I am right there with you on “catching up on the weekend” and “going to the grocery store without a list.” When I do the latter, I am more likely to come home with a whole bunch of things I don’t really need as opposed to things I can use to make dinner. 🙂


  2. Love it! At least you are waiting for them to come back in style. I’m waiting to fit into mine. I have three sections in my closet – work, casual, someday when I’m skinny again. Guess which one is the largest 🙂


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