Watching a Dream Come True

This month’s theme at Mysteristas is “dream” and in about 24 hours, I will be watching a dream come true live and in person.

Today is Monday, May 11, 2015.

Tomorrow, Tuesday, May 12, 2015, is the publication date for THE WRATH AND THE DAWN.

WRATH was written by my good friend and critique partner, Renée Ahdieh.

I was there when the dream was still a twinkle in her eye, per se. When she’d done all her research and fleshed out the characters but had yet to write a single word.

I was there when she finished the first couple of chapters and I was lucky enough to read them almost as soon as she wrote them, drinking in the words with a wild frenzy. As a reader, she couldn’t write fast enough.

I was there when she got her book deal with Penguin/Putnam.

There when she got her first cover mock up. Her first ARC. Her first review from a stranger.

And, in 24 hours, I’ll be there for the big finale. I’ll be flying across the country to be there Tuesday night, when she’s introduced (in front of what I hope is a robust crowd) as the author of THE WRATH AND THE DAWN.

Our dreams as authors have a Simba-esque circle of life (though our dreams also become one-way fever chart when given in terms of a career) and I am SO excited to be there to see this one completed!

I cannot fully express how happy I am for my friend!


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