Guest Post and Giveaway: Amber Foxx

Never Run out of Serial!

In many ways, I’m an adventurous reader. Nonfiction, literary fiction, horror, a little Eastern philosophy now and then … but I’m also a mystery series addict. I was raised by series readers. My father’s favorite was the Brother Cadfael series. My mother liked Lord Peter Wimsey best. I was surrounded by bookshelves, and one of them contained the complete Sherlock Holmes, which my sister and I started reading while we were still in grade school. So, with this habit being part of my heritage, I’ve never kicked it. Never even tried. I like the reassurance that there are authors—and characters—I can count on. If one of my reading adventures lets me down, I can always come home to a series.

With a strong series, I can follow not only a mystery plot with each book, but a life story, knowing a character through his or her professional and emotional development, loves found and lost, and growing older. My long-term series habits include Nevada Barr’s Anna Pigeon novels, and Tony Hillerman’s Navajo mysteries. I’m so glad that Anne Hillerman is carrying on her father’s work. I didn’t want to lose touch with his characters. I read all of James D. Doss’s seventeen Charlie Moon mysteries, the whole series from beginning to end, enjoying the unconventional style, the humor, and the blend of mysticism with mystery.

Recently, I’ve found some new mystery writers who are in their own way as masterfully mysterious and as innovative as Doss. There’s something energizing about discovering a series that makes me want to come back to follow the protagonists further. I have to like the setting care about the central character to commit to a new series. M.L. Eaton’s Mysterious Marsh Series promises to get me hooked. I found When the Clocks Stopped to be one of the most original takes on the mystery genre I’d come across in years, and the setting in a small English village come to life on every page. Another new discovery is Virginia King’s Selkie Moon series, starting with The First Lie, blending Native Hawaiian and Celtic mythology into a psychological mystery. Both authors weave mystical events into realistic novels in a way that’s compelling and believable. I like knowing that these series are still growing, and that I’ll have more books to look forward to.

In the spirit of sharing my new discoveries with others who may have a serial habit, I’m doing a giveaway with Virginia King and M.L. Eaton for the first book in each of our series.
Enter the drawing to win a paperback copy of the first book in each author’s series. To enter, click here:

The giveaway ends April 26th. The winner will be announced on the 27th.

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To learn more about the authors and their series:

From April 21 – 30, each e-book will be on sale for $1.99 US.


Amber Foxx is the author of the Mae Martin psychic mystery series, and an avid reader of mysteries, thrillers, nonfiction, literary fiction, and paranormal fiction that doesn’t have vampires in it. She has worked professionally in theater and dance, fitness, and academia. Amber’s training and academic studies in various fields of complementary and alternative medicine, as well as her personal experience and travels, bring authenticity to her work. In her free time she enjoys music, dancing, art, running and yoga. She divides her time between the Southeast and the Southwest, living in Truth or Consequences during her New Mexico months.


9 thoughts on “Guest Post and Giveaway: Amber Foxx”

  1. Very cool! It’s interesting that liking the setting entices you into a series. I hadn’t thought of it that way before, but I think it must be the same for me, too. I have to like the place where I’m going to spend some time as a reader. Looking forward to checking out these books! Thanks for visiting!


  2. Hi Amber! Yes, there are so many great series out there, it’s hard to keep up with them all. I read a lot of book 1s but not always 2 and 3 and 4, only because it’s difficult to keep up. (I’m reminded of the Twilight Zone episode Time Enough At Last…)


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