Interview: Vicki Batman

Please welcome Vicki Batman, author of Temporarily Employed.

What’s your idea of a perfect day?
Every day is beautiful to me. Maybe that sounds Pollyana-ish. I welcome rain, snow, heat, cold (especially since I TemporarilyEmployed_w8210_300discovered Uggs). If I’m with family and/or friends…that’s beautiful. If I have a good book, Cheetoes and a diet Dr. Pepper…that’s awesome. If I find a fabulous movie to watch…I’m in heaven.

Do you have a signature accessory, color, fragrance, phrase, or meal?
I love handbags! I have new ones, vintage, gifts, some I’ve had since high school. And I change bags frequently. I’m a pink or red girl. I love hamburgers. And wear Joy or Chanel No. 5. I often say, “Rats.”

Excluding family, name three people who either inspired you or influenced your creativity.
Oops, it has to be family–my mom and my grandmother. They grew up in an era when they had to be self-reliant and without very much money. So they made things themselves and passed on this to me.

My friend who told me to keep writing after I showed her what I’d done. The best positive I’ve ever received.

Do you listen to music when you write?
I do! But usually without lyrics. I love classical guitar. I listen to two classical music stations, Simply Frank, and the local high school radio station which plays oldies, especially at Christmas.

If your latest book were chocolate, what kind would it be and why? I’m very fond of Hershey chocolate drops. Just concentrated chocolate in a handy package.

What made you interested in writing this particular story?
I’d always wanted to write a mystery especially after reading Dick Francis’ books, but I didn’t have the confidence to try for many years. The story flowed from me naturally.

What themes do you regularly (re)visit in your writing?
People are not who them seem–even those who are deemed perfect, usually aren’t.

Tell us about your main character’s psyche or personality. What led her (or him) to be the person s/he is today?
Hattie Cooks is the eldest of two daughters. Her mom delivers practical advice lectures which can be annoying. She lives in a not-too small town where everyone knows most everyone. She is a tad afraid of embarrassing herself (probably due to Mom). She’s lost her job, the one she adored, and has to take a temporary job to pay the bills at the most unsavory place. Despite that, she is determined to power through until she finds the job she desires.

Describe your protagonist as a mash-up of three famous people or characters.
Detective Allan Charles Wellborn is like Walt Longmire, can be passionate like Hawkeye, and all-around nice guy with ambition, George Bailey.

If you could host an author dinner party, who are the six writers (living or otherwise) you’d include?
Janet E, Sue Grafton, Elizabeth George, Dick Francis, Mary Stewart.

What’s next for you?
I’m working on Temporarily Insane and am going insane. And I have several romantic comedy shorts I’d like to publish.


Like some of her characters, award-winning author, Vicki Batman has worked a wide variety of jobs including lifeguard, ride attendant at an amusement park; a hardware store, department store, book store, antique store clerk; administrative assistant in an international real estate firm; and a general “do anything gal” at a financial services firm–the list is endless, giving her plenty of crazy material for her writing.

Writing for several years, she has completed three manuscripts, written essays, and sold many short stories. She is a member of RWA and several writing groups and chapters. In 2004, she joined DARA and has served in many capacities, including 2009 President. DARA awarded her the Robin Teer Memorial Service Award in 2010. Most days begin with her hands set to the keyboard and thinking “What if??”

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22 thoughts on “Interview: Vicki Batman”

  1. Many hugs, Donnell! And I’m pushing through with TE#2. I’m insane. lol

    Hi, Mary, and thank you for having me. I think the saying is true. There are many things we haven’t shared with others. Like who knew I was Miss Oak Lawn Moped? lol


  2. Concentrated chocolate! Now that’s my kind of thinking LOL. Enjoyed your interview, ladies. Vicki, best of luck with the release.


  3. Hi, Rose! I always have liked Cheetoes! Since rainy weather is expected where I live this weekend, I may be indulging with a good book. Hugs!

    Hi, Barbara! Thank you so much for popping by. I’m also quite fond of Hershey toffee bits too. lol. Thank you.


  4. Great interview! Your dinner party would be a hoot, for sure. I just attended an event where Janet spoke–she is SO funny. Loved it. (Random trivia: I just read that the Cheetoes folks know how to keep the cheese from turning your fingers orange, but choose not to–because it’s kind of a trademark. Who knew?!?) Thanks for joining us! And adding material to me TBR pile. Yay!

    –From an almost-Miss Potato Blossom (Oak Lawn Moped? I love it!)


  5. Hi, Ashantay! Thank you so much. Here’s a small confession question: Is my career long because I’ve been writing for ten years already?

    Hi, Pamela! I’d like to know how the Cheeto finger thing works. I put you on the trail to find out for the rest of us. lol And now you will always be almost Miss Potato Blossom to me. LOL. We’re a riot.

    Hi, Theresa! I adore Longmire and was on the Posse to get it picked up for another season because it ended with a huge cliffhanger. And George is so rich because he has friends. The best man ever. Thank you for visiting with me.


  6. Hi, Liese!!! The second one is driving me insane. I’ve got to really delve in and do the notes I’ve scribbled on stickies to improve it. ox

    Hi, Loralee! You’ve heard good things? That makes me go all squishy-wishy inside. Thank you so much for stopping and commenting.


  7. I love handbags and cheetos, too! I can’t pass any purse department without checking out every single one (although not with orange fingers). I look forward to checking out your books.


  8. Hi, Sue! When Handsome and I go to our–my–favorite mall, I always go to the big store and check out handbags. Yeah, orange fingers might not be desirable. lololol

    Hi, Cynthia! So glad you could check out my interview here and like my cover. I really adore RED! I doubt anyone could get a word in with that dinner party. lolol Thank you for chatting with me today.


  9. What a wonderful interview, Vicki! And I’m a lover of handbags, too! A girl can never have enough, right? Thanks so much for sharing a bit about yourself today.


  10. Hi, Mary! Thank you so much for visiting with me today and reading the interview. I liked the questions a lot. I adore handbags and blog about them every Monday on my blog. AND blog about them once a month at the collector’s site, Picollecta. I love having authors come on mine and sharing their favorite bag. Hugs.


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