You Inspire Me

Earlier this month I wrote about places that inspire me.  But people also inspire me, perhaps in the most important way of all.

Writing is a lonely profession, and it ain’t easy.  One of my favorite quotes likens writing to sweating blood.  Granted, some books practically write themselves, but for most of us, most of the time, writing is sweating blood.  I’ve never met a writer who claims writing is a cakewalk.

Inspiration lures me onto the roller-coaster ride of writing a novel, and then what?  Starting is easier than finishing (at least, for me), and I need another kind of inspiration to crest the rough spots.  It comes in the form of a cheering section, or a silent hug of support, or a really smart coach, or a random comment from a stranger.  Even if I write in the closet, I still need a carrot to keep going.  I need people around me.

Case in Point:

NaNoWriMo.  This month is National Novel Writing Month, when thousands of people around the world sign on to write a novel of 50,000 words in 30 days.  Buddy support inspires NaNo-ers to accomplish a lot more than they would otherwise.

Case in Point:

Peer Pressure.  For many years, I used to write in the closet.  Then in a fearless moment I signed up for a novel-writing class through my local university.  This was back in the dark ages when you had to fill out a form and hand it to a human being.  She scanned my enrollment form and said excitedly, “Oh!  Maybe your novel will be published one day, and I’ll get to read it.”  I had no idea back then if I could even write a novel, but once I got to class and saw other students writing and finishing their novels, I felt pressured inspired.  If other people could do it, then so could I.

Sure, writing is hard, but having a community of support makes dreams happen.  People—friends and even strangers—keep me going, and I’ve found that’s the best kind of inspiration of all!


5 thoughts on “You Inspire Me”

  1. Love the cross out of pressure to inspired. Ain’t that the truth. They say it takes a village to raise a child. It takes an entire universe to write, finish, polish, edit, polish, and (fingers crossed) publish a novel. Writers are among the most generous and giving of people.


  2. For as many supportive people as there are, there are unsupportive people as well. It hard to earn to listen to one group and not the other. I like to think that the Mysteristas are a village of support and positivity that we need to keep going!


  3. Yay to supportive people, Mary!

    Kait, so right about the universe!

    Diane, right! It’s a challenge to figure out ahead of time what tiny remark might derail you. It’s so hard to steer clear before the damage is done.


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