Meet Hayden Kent

I’ve been asked by author Susan Schreyer, who writes the fantastic Thea Campbell series to participate in the “Meet My Character Blog Tour”. Pop on over to her blog, Writing Horses, and see what she has to say about Thea. I write two series, the Catherine Swope Mysteries, set in Miami and the newest, the Hayden Kent series, set in the Fabulous Florida Keys. I had to let Catherine and Hayden fight it out to see who would be the subject of this blog. Hayden won.

Hayden Kent is the protagonist in DEATH BY BLUE WATER, released exactly one week ago today.

Is she fictional or historical. 

Hayden is definitely fictional, although she does share she does share some traits with her author. We are both paralegals and we both scuba dive. After that, we are as different as night and day.

When and where is the story set?
The Hayden Kent series is set in the Fabulous Florida Keys. The stories are in current time. Hayden is a Conch (native-born Keys resident) from a long line of Conchs. She lives in a hurricane house that she inherited from her parents. Hurricane houses do exist, but they are becoming more and more rare. Aficionados of the Keys will recognize some of the landmarks, although most are disguised and some transported to different Keys.

What should we know about her?
Hayden is a fulltime paralegal. Her practice consists largely of estates and trust work with some probate litigation on the side. She graduated from the University of Miami (Go Canes!) and was headed to law school when her parents were killed in a head on crash on the Seven Mile Bridge. Her best friend is Mallory Corbett. They met in high school when Mallory. The two friends are opposite sides of the same coin when it comes to personality. Hayden is detail oriented. She picks up on missing pieces of a puzzle. Mallory has the uncanny ability to look at a person and see his or her emotions.

What is the main conflict. What messes up her life?
Hayden decides to solo dive the wreck of the Humboldt. It’s a deep wreck—120 feet down. She wants solitude to work through her recent breakup with Kevin. Instead, she finds a body in the wheelhouse of the wreck. She becomes the prime suspect when it turns out that the body belongs to Kevin’s brother, and she has no alibi for the night of his death. A migraine robbed her of her memory.

What is the personal goal of the character?
Justice for the dead. Hayden wants to clear her name and stay out of jail, but on some level, she believes that since she is not guilty, that will happen. What is most important to her is finding the real killer to bring justice for him and closure to his family.

Are there other books in this series?
DEATH BY BLUE WATER is the first of the Hayden Kent series. It was released by Henery Press on November 11, 2014 and is available, as they say, everywhere J.

The second book of the series, DEATH BY DOUBLOONS, due out in the fall of 2015.

This blog tour continues with Sue Star: and Theresa Crater



Author: kaitcarson

I write mysteries set in South Florida. The Hayden Kent series is set in the Florida Keys. Hayden is a SCUBA diving paralegal who keeps finding bodies. Underwater, no one can hear you scream! Catherine Swope is a Miami Realtor with a penchant for finding bodies in the darndest places. I live in an airpark in Fort Denaud, FL with my husband, five cats, and a flock of conures. And oh yes, a Piper Cherokee 6 in the hangar!

8 thoughts on “Meet Hayden Kent”

  1. Hayden sounds like a great character! And Key West is one of my most favorite places. With that combination, I can’t wait to read the book! Thanks, too, for tagging me on the blog tour.


  2. Thanks all! Hayden is a fun character to get to know. That’s the joy and pain of characters. You think you create them. Then they take on a life of their own and they dictate the story!


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