Falling In Love

I like falling in love. I’m not ashamed to admit that I’ve been in love with a lot of different people over the course of my life. There’s something special about that window of time, after you meet someone special who just clicks. You spend time together, you share your interests, you experience the rush of firsts: secret smile, touch, kiss, embrace. Every discovery is thrilling. The chemistry takes you away from your regular reality to a place where you want to stay all the time, a place you don’t want to ever leave.

For readers, discovering a new series is a lot like falling in love. The characters are the people we want to spend all of our time with; they’re the ones who keep us coming back book after book. They show us their lives, and we live out their romances and fears as they do, on the page. When we’re forced to leave them for the responsibilities of our own lives, we race home to find them waiting for us, somewhere around page 60, or maybe 155 (but never 50 pages from the ending, because we would have just stayed home to finish the book, responsibilities be damned!). Discovering a new series is a lot like starting a new love affair.

As writers, we probably all fall a bit in love with our characters, and not just the ones we expect. I’ve killed off characters that I long to resurrect and have had to resolve love triangles where I myself honestly don’t want to choose. But we must make these decisions. Like a crush that wears out in time, like a romance that fizzles after it sizzles, we have to see things clearly and to bring reality to our work. We’re talking mysteries here, not full-on romance novels, and everything can’t keep coming up roses.

Which is entirely okay. In fact, I think it’s kind of expected. After all, even Cupid carries a weapon.

P.S. SUEDE TO REST in 13 days!!


Author: Diane Vallere

Diane is the author of four mystery series. Like her character Samantha Kidd, she is a former fashion buyer; like her character Madison Night, she loves Doris Day movies, like her character Polyester Monroe, she lives in California; and like her character Margo Tamblyn, she has a thing for costumes. Find out more at http://dianevallere.com/.

7 thoughts on “Falling In Love”

  1. Diana, spot on. I know it a lot of series I read, I want to know “what are they getting up to this time?” I know these are all fictional people, but they feel so real. And I feel the same way about my characters. They’re friends and I feel actual emotion pain when I have to do bad things to them.


  2. Cupid’s weapon! Ooooh, there’s a story!

    A writer is doing her job well when she makes the reader fall in love with her characters.


  3. Wonderful! I think my longest relationship is with Adam Dalgliesh! It’s true though. In times of personal turmoil, literary characters have been my solace and mainstay. Never thought about cupid being armed. That explains a lot.


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