Announcement: New Member Kait Carson

We are delighted to announce new Mysterista Kait Carson, who will be blogging on first and third Tuesdays, beginning in October.

DBBWCarson Kait is a probate paralegal by day and a plotter of murder by night. Her mysteries are set in the steamy tropics of South Florida. She has two series, the first features Catherine Swope, an ex-cop and current Realtor who sells high-end Miami homes, sometimes by the seashore, and always with a twist. The second series features Hayden Kent, a scuba-diving paralegal who seems to attract dead bodies. Under water, no one hears your screams. Catherine’s current books are Zoned for Murder and Murder in the Multiples. Hayden makes her premier in Death by Blue Water, forthcoming from Henery Press.

For more information, please see Kait’s original Mysterista interview and visit her at

Welcome, Kait!


9 thoughts on “Announcement: New Member Kait Carson”

  1. Hi all, I am sorry to delay my thanks to your warm welcome. I have been at WPA, and I have been at WPA, and did I mention I have been at WPA, and got home last night. I have a ton to catch up on. But thanking you is first on my list! I am thrilled to have been invited to blog with the Mysteristas. I have been a reader of this blog since it started and I am honored to participate. My debut is October 7. I can’t wait!

    Now, why was I at WPA for so long? Well, we flew ourselves up – and the weather went south – so we waited, and waited and waited…the ceilings stayed too low and the cloud tops to high, and then the tornado warnings along the route of flight. Long and short, I flew home yesterday commercial, husband is driving home today, and some day, if good weather ever comes back, we’ll return to get our plane from the NC hangar! Was it worth it? Yes, WPA Rocks!!!


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