A See-Saw of a Post

Part the First:

This is not about collecting.  It’s about reluctantly letting go.

Our Mysterista sister Kristi Belcamino is leaving the blog.

Kristi has been with us from the beginning and will be very much missed.  But, of course, we wish her the very best! She has two new books out (Blessed Are the Dead and Blessed Are The Meek) with more on the way.

Keep up with Kristi’s activities over at her author blog: www.kristibelcamino.com.


Part the Second:
We have a guest blogger for the next two months!

Sarah Fox is a cozy mystery writer represented by Jessica Faust of BookEnds. When not writing mysteries or working as a legal writer, Sarah is often reading her way through a stack of cozies or spending time outdoors with her English Springer Spaniel. She is covering for Mysterista Sarah Henning during the months of September and October.

Please join us in welcoming Sarah Fox!



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