Collecting: Children

My final post of August won’t be about writing.


Rather, it’s about why I won’t be writing for a bit.

Because I am “collecting” something, as the theme goes: A new baby.

I’m due with a baby girl in September. She’ll pair nicely, I’m sure, with my rather spunky five-year-old boy.

And because babies can be really unhelpful most of the time in letting a mama know A. When they’ll be appearing and B. How much work they’ll be from the get-go, I’ve asked another Sarah to take my place for September and October.

The fantastic Sarah L. Fox will be subbing for me, and you’re going to love her!

She’s a Canadian cozy mystery writer and all-around great human being. I’ve had the luck of reading many of her words and I can tell you that they’re beautiful, poignant and perfect for those of you who like to curl up with a mug of tea, a blanket, and a fun mystery starring an amateur sleuth.

I really hope you enjoy Sarah’s posts for the next few weeks. It’s such a special treat for all of us that she’s visiting.

Oh, and, yes, I’ll let you all know when the newest piece is added to my collection.


10 thoughts on “Collecting: Children”

  1. Collecting children is the most important collection of all! We nurture our future through our children. Best wishes and much happiness!


  2. Congratulations, Sarah H! We will miss you but we wish you ALL the JOY in the world! ❤

    And **welcome** Sarah Fox! Looking forward to your posts! We are excited to have you visiting us.


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