Collecting Something Delicious

The theme this month happens to be collecting, and I think it would be safe to say that every single Mysterista collects books. Call it a hunch.

I’m no different, of course. My house and my Kindle library are both stocked to the brim with enough stories to account for years of entertainment.

But as I was really looking at my collection of books, something surprising stuck out to me. Sure, I have my fair share of mysteries and thrillers—I have all of the Jack Reacher novels, nearly all of Lisa Gardner’s books, and duplicates of Stieg Larsson’s trilogy.

But what’s my biggest collection within my collection?


Yes. I have nearly 100 of those.

Which is sort of insane when you consider that: A. I have some I have never made a recipe from, and B. I tend to get most of my recipes online for free.

But there’s something about owning cookbooks that makes me continue to buy and buy and buy.

Maybe it’s the pictures. Or the endless possibilities for dinner—one that might be a new favorite dish. Or the fact that if I like a certain chef’s style, I immediately have more than 100 other recipes from the same person at my finger tips.

They’re all right there. On my shelves. Waiting to be made.

If you really look at your book collection, what do you learn about what you like to buy the most? Any surprises?

7 thoughts on “Collecting Something Delicious”

  1. Ooo, cookbooks. So pretty. I love pictures of food, but like you, almost never have the time to make them. Me, I found it shocking a couple years ago to see how many history/biography titles I have. And I’ve read (and re-read) most of them!


  2. Sarah, Yum. Let’s see. Do I count my husband’s books or just mine? If I do count his, I have to say Western metaphysics and Egypt. For me alone, nothing really jumps out. I have equal amounts literary fiction, fantasy, and mysteries. Kindle has more mysteries than anything.


  3. At work: literature and literary criticism of all varieties. At home: definitely academic mysteries! (Am glad to hear that there are other people with cookbooks from which they have not yet made one thing…I stress the YET here…we still have time, Sarah! Ha!)


  4. We collect cookbooks, but ones from the 50s – 70s. I love the photos of dinner parties from past decades, so much more glamorous (and so much more effort!) than today! But some of those recipes are weird.


  5. I have so many cookbooks! And the humorous part of that is that I can’t cook! But, I wish I could. I can sort of muddle through a simple recipe, but I have no food instincts. Those gorgeous photos get me every time!


  6. Lol! Sitting next to me is a box of cookbooks I collected from a cookbook book club in the 70’s, and most of them have just got to go. But, oh so hard! Mostly, I collect used fiction classics. They feel so comfortable to have around.


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