Mystery Writers Rule!

By Kristi Belcamino

When I sat down to write my book I’m not sure what I THOUGHT I was writing but what ultimately came out was a crime fiction book.

Every day I thank my lucky stars that my chosen genre is mystery/crime fiction because the mystery writing world is incredibly small and amazingly supportive.

I remember a few months back I got a call from the editor of a mystery magazine I read saying he wanted to brainstorm ways to promote my novel. I thanked him profusely and said I was astounded that he was even on the phone with me, nonetheless that he wanted to help me out. His response? “Well, we already consider you part of the family?”

Say what?

That’s the kind of mystery world I’m talking about.

I’ve had famous mystery writers call me up and take me under their wing, giving me advice about navigating the world as a debut author. Who takes the time to do this?
Well, apparently successful crime fiction writers.

And the support from readers? Unbelievable. So, so lucky to be writing crime fiction because the readers of this genre are hands down the BEST!

For the first time – in well, forever – I feel like I have a giant community of likeminded people who have my back, who encourage me, and who support me.

And that includes this awesome group of Mysterista writers.

So, this post is all about being grateful and a big thank you to all of you who make up the mystery writing world!


Author: kristiscottauthor

Kristi Scott is a young adult mystery author who writes books about fierce girls taking on injustice. Contact her at

7 thoughts on “Mystery Writers Rule!”

  1. I agree, Kristi – I’ve met so many wonderful, generous, supportive people as part of this community. I shared a cab with a woman at Bouchercon12 in Cleveland. Once she found out I was a writer – even unpublished – she insisted on paying for the cab AND taking me out for a drink at the hotel. I’ve gotten words of encouragement from established authors. And yes – that wonderful family includes the Mysteristas!


  2. What lovely experiences you’re having, Kristi! And I, too, agree–the writers I’ve met at several regional conferences have been so warm, humble, and welcoming. It’s pretty overwhelming (in a great way).


  3. I agree! Everyone has been so kind and welcoming–felt it the instant I joined Sisters in Crime and Guppies. Suddenly the authors whose books were on my nightstand were TALKING to me.

    Kristi, I think it’s wonderful that you are honoring the community with this post.

    (And of course love love love to sister Mysteristas too!)


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