Three Weeks Until Blast Off

Confession: I sent a desperate-sounding email to my editor and publicist yesterday basically saying “Eek. BLESSED ARE THE DEAD comes out in three weeks what am I supposed to be doing?”

I feel like I’m not doing enough and at the same time I have no idea what I should be doing.

They are awesome and so they said everything is going along exactly as it should be.

Part of me says that at this point, three weeks before my first novel comes out, there is nothing I CAN do.

But maybe pray.

Most of what can be done is done: The book is written to the best of my abilities, edited by a rock star editor, copyedited by a meticulous copyeditor, and promoted by one of the best publicists in the book business.

It is out of my hands now.

And yet.

Sure, I can tell my friends and everyone I know to buy it, but at what point does that become obnoxious?

It’s an odd place to be—exactly where I want to be—on the eve of having my first book published. A dream come true.

But I’m also prepared for what Lisa Alber has called post-pub-partum—that depression after you send your baby out into the world!

Apparently, the day your book launches is surprisingly (or not surprisingly in this case) anticlimactic.

The day and the world goes on like normal. That’s probably why so many authors have book launch parties—a way to celebrate and embrace that somewhat anticlimactic day.

Dear friends, what do those of you who are published do to prepare for a book launch (and please don’t say I’m way too late because I’m sure that’s the case) and how do you celebrate launch day?

Friends who read (all of us, right?) what do YOU think an author should do to let you know about an upcoming release and how much is too much?


Author: kristibelcamino

Kristi Belcamino is a crime writer, photographer, and artist who also bakes a tasty biscotti. Her debut mystery, BLESSED ARE THE DEAD, will be published in June 2014.

15 thoughts on “Three Weeks Until Blast Off”

  1. When we launched LUCKY CHARMS, we had a party at our local indie store, Mystery Lovers Bookshop, because they’ve always been awesome to our chapter. When my friend, Annette, launched recently, she had her party at the same place – in both cases with snacks and cake. I think the question is how do YOU want to celebrate the event? As for how much is too much, if you’re sending a link on your book on Twitter ever five minutes, that’s too much. And I always enjoy attending parties for my signed copy (especially for friends).


  2. Hurray, Kristi! I love the chance to attend a book launch and support authors (and get my signed copy!). I agree with Mary, if you’re sending the link on Twitter every five minutes, its over the top. But, some regular reminders are very welcome–and they give your supportive community tidbits to share, share, share.


  3. Congratulations, Kristi. That’s fabulous. If you have a group of folks who will come, have a reading. Otherwise, tweet, post, and blog. I heard from a marketing expert on Sunday night that Twitter tolerates promotion well–every 4-5 tweets. Also check out facebook groups. Your publisher has probably sent out to the major reviewing sites. If you know folks who review and have a following, send them an eBook. But most of all, take one day to really soak it all in!


  4. If people can annoyingly continue to post “no contractions yet, baby soon, blah blah…” then you , my dear, can excitedly post a daily count down and links!
    I think a theme party…like a Day of the Dead type thing might be cool. But that’s just me, any excuse to paint my face and eat.


  5. I prefer to throw a “party” vs. do a “signing.” For me, it’s a celebration of everything that went into that book and a way of me to say “it’s HEEEEEERE!” Your launch party doesn’t have to be the day of your launch, so check the calendar and find a venue, or even do a virtual launch party on Facebook. If you’re doing a live party, be sure to contact local media with review copies and invite them to come on out! And remember, this part is supposed to be fun, so no stressing out!


  6. I’m SO excited it’s almost here! I think you should be enjoying the build up, that’s what I think. Just take it all in, maybe journal it. And then celebrate the heck out of that day. And when the next day comes and it all seems “over” just remember that you have a great book two coming out very soon:)


  7. Thanks again. You guys are the best. I’m going to take all of the advice you’ve shared. Sarah, I like the idea of journaling it. You’re so smart! And Diane, thanks. I really do want to celebrate and I think you are right, make it a party.
    Also Sue, love everything about dia de los muertos, but I’ll probably stick to the Italian theme stuff. But very tempting! xoxo


  8. Yay, Kristi! Very exciting! You will only ever have one first book launch/party/day, so whatever you decide to do, enjoy it! Mine was in the pre-Twitter day, so I had a low-techie reading/signing at my local bookstore, which no longer exists 😦 A friend recorded it for me, and afterwards we partied at my house. Great memories! I can’t wait to see your book!


  9. I’m with Diane — party over signing any day. In fact, before the KILMOON launch party, I was heard to whine, “But do I HAFTA read from my book?” I ended up talking for five minutes max, and I only read one paragraph. No one could hear me anyhow because the drinks were flowing. 🙂

    Also, just from what I’ve seen on social media, you’re doing great!


  10. Huzzah, Kristi! So excited for you, and I think the amount of mentions you’ve been doing is perfect. Can we have a party on this blog for you too? Maybe you could podcast your live party! Oooh…


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