Why Reading Makes You A Better Person

There are days when I wish I could blow off every obligation that I have and spend the day in bed.  I could do it.  I just know it.  Give me a good book, and maybe bring me some popcorn somewhere during the day, and I’d be set.  What a glorious, indulgent waste of time it would be!

Or would it?

I find that when I read, my writing improves.  A part of my brain is occupied with someone else’s ideas, which allows a different part of my brain to tackle my own creative roadblocks.  Not only do I see the other writer’s words, combinations that I might never have considered using myself, but I discover plot devices and characters. Twists and denouements that have worked for others.   I can get totally lost in a mystery that was written before the age of cell phones, and I don’t even notice the lack of technology.  I can appreciate the challenges to writers now, who are publishing manuscripts penned before cell phones became de rigueur.  I’m especially fond of the scatterbrained main character who is constantly misplacing her phone, or letting the battery die, because as clichéd as it sounds, she is me.

But, I digress.  Spending the day in bed with a good book, not such a bad thing, I think.  Tune out distractions like the Internet, work, laundry, word count.  Allow your brain the opportunity to frolic in someone else’s playground.  Just don’t forget to turn off your cell phone, too.  Or, maybe just misplace it for a couple of hours.   You’ll thank me. 


Author: Diane Vallere

Diane is the author of four mystery series. Like her character Samantha Kidd, she is a former fashion buyer; like her character Madison Night, she loves Doris Day movies, like her character Polyester Monroe, she lives in California; and like her character Margo Tamblyn, she has a thing for costumes. Find out more at http://dianevallere.com/.

4 thoughts on “Why Reading Makes You A Better Person”

  1. Too funny. I’ve had those days where I’ve been home sick, reading, phone in my purse. Eventually, the husband will get home and say, “Are you okay? I’ve been texting you all day.” I was so engrossed in my book, I didn’t even hear the chime. I feel the need for a day like that now. 😉


  2. I love days like that! One of my favorite things about days off, especially in winter, is to curl up on the couch or my chair and a half with a cup of hot tea and a new book. Now I have a toddler and I stay home with her. I yearn for time to safely drink hot tea and curl up with a book!
    I also love the way I sometimes get a random idea or character sketch that POPS out during my reading sessions. I have to stop and write it down immediately…and it may not have anything at all to do with what I just read. Its that melding of words and the escape that allows my creativity to work itself out.



  3. I’d LOVE to spend all day with a book. That hasn’t happened in a very long time for me (I have a five-year-old), but that sounds indulgent. Mmmm.


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