The Gift of Time

ImageThis month, the Mysteristas have posted about the myriad of gifts that we appreciate. We’ve written of the gifts of reading and books and the ability to write, gifts that books have brought to us, and even how challenging choosing gifts can be. I had a different blog post planned for today, and then I added just a few too many things to my to-do list, time got away from me, and here we are–with me posting this quite late. Which made me think about time.

Time is a gift.

I often hear about people “making time” for this or that, but really, can we make time? Oh, I wish. (I’d love to get my hands on Hermione’s time-turner gadget! Now that would be a gift!) No, we can’t really make time, but what we can do is prioritize those things we choose to spend time on. My time is a gift I can give to others–to my daughter, when we bake or read or draw together, to the organizations I volunteer with, to myself when I prioritize my writing, and so on.  Time is a gift that is given to me when cherished friends and loved ones get together, when I’m doing something that I love. Time to ask “what if?” (see the Gaudy Bath post by Donna)! In fact, I suggest that time is a gift that you give and receive all at once.

As I get older, and more importantly, as my parents get older, I am increasingly appreciative of this gift, of the ability to choose where and how I spend my time. Why not give myself a few additional gifts? I think my holiday wish list next year will have only this one thing on it.  I can just picture it:

Hubby: Honey, the family would like to know what’s on your wish list this year.

Me: What would I like as a gift? Time with family and friends, time to read and write, time to choose what to do with my time. I’d just like some time, please.

Hubby: Um, how do we wrap that?

Of course, sometimes I have to give time to things I’d rather not (paying bills and doing the laundry top my list), but that’s okay. Those less pleasant tasks make me appreciate the gift of time a little bit more–especially when I’m hurrying to finish them so I can go sledding with my family. Hurray for time to appreciate new snowfall!

Happy Holidays, everyone! Enjoy all the gifts the season brings to you and yours.

Author: Pamela A. Oberg

Pamela is a portfolio manager at an educational assessment company by day, writer by night. Founder of Writers on Words (a discussion and critique group), Pamela enjoys spinning tales of murder and mayhem, with an occasional foray into the world of the paranormal.

5 thoughts on “The Gift of Time”

  1. Somebody posted a cartoon on Facebook about this time of year. When you have a moment to relax, you have to ask yourself, “Am I forgetting something?”


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