Announcement: New Format

Dear Readers, we are making a change.

The weekly Facebook chats will be discontinued in favor of more regular discussions here on the blog. We will continue to host author interviews and guest posts…there will just be MORE material here, too. We’ve decided to have a theme for each month, and individual bloggers will adhere to (or veer from) the theme as they see fit. This month’s theme, appropriate for both Halloween and mystery alike, is FEAR.

Here’s the schedule, beginning tomorrow, 10/15.

Monday: Pamela Oberg
Tuesday: Kristi Belcamino
Wednesday: Diane Vallere
Thursday: Mary Sutton
Friday: Visiting Writer

Monday: Sarah Henning
Tuesday: Cynthia Kuhn
Wednesday: Donna White Glaser
Thursday: Theresa Crater
Friday: Visiting Writer

We hope you’ll join us and chime in whenever you can. We love to hear from you.